Trying to refresh my blog

Spring in 2014

Trying to refresh this blog but I don’t think I’m succeeding. I still don’t know what this blog should really be about. I’ve tried to change the ‘About me‘ page but I don’t know what to write in it. I get no new ideas. Even tried to search for tips but nothing. That’s a problem, I can never decide. I know I prefer short introductions. No matter what I write, people still won’t know who I really am. I don’t like reading long posts and that goes with About me pages as well. I want to get to know people little by little. All I want to know is their name and what kind of things they write in their blogs. Other things come out in the posts. Business blogs are different. There you sell your product or brand. But when it comes to personal blogs, about me pages should be short. In my opinion at least. I also don’t want to put a photo of me in the about me page. The one in my Gravatar should be enough. This is not a beauty contests after all. If people don’t read my blog because there are no photos of me, then they’re not worth having.

I’ve recently thought about if I should narrow down subjects in this blog. I just don’t know what they would be. I’ve looked through my old posts and realised I got too many subjects. How many actually want to read about TV shows if they’re not even watching the same stuff I do? That was just one example. Apparently it’s called niche. Like it says in this post about finding your niche. I’m passionate in lot of things in small doses. But I run out of ideas because I get bored easily and like to change subjects from time to time. These tips online doesn’t really apply to my blog. Most tips are about marketing your blog which I’m not gonna do. This is just a hobby and I will never make any money with it.

So I come to the question, how will I refresh this blog? I can’t refresh myself that’s for sure. My wide range of interests will never narrow down. I change for no one but I can change the subjects on this blog. It’s ‘In my world’ so that will stick and the blog will be about my views of the world like it has so far. There are labels of blogs, ‘fashion’, ‘lifestyle’ etc. but this is none of those. I’m not good at giving advice. I can only make people realise things by themselves or share experiences. This is just my blog and that’s refreshing.