Day 1: I write because…




I write because it’s fun. Writing is like breathing. Without breathing you can’t live. Writing is also good therapy. It’s also easier to express my thoughts. If I talk to someone I always think first what to say. When I write things I have time to think. In a conversation you might forget what you were suppose to say and when the situation is over, it’s too late. It happens too often. That’s also an introversion thing. It always feels weird when I have to start conversations. When I write, thing go the way I’ve planned it.

I couldn’t never make blogging a living. I’m not good enough to give advice. I’m the one who needs advice. It would be too difficult to think every day what to write. I write when I feel like it. I’m not good at keeping up a schedule when it comes to writing. I couldn’t be an author either even if I’ve always been good at writing fiction. Speaking of that. I love writing fan fiction. It’s also a great escape from reality. You need to live in another world for a while. Especially when bad things are happening in the real world.

When I was younger I had diaries. I didn’t write anything secret. Unless you mean crushes on pop stars. That’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If someone found my diaries and read them, I wouldn’t care. I’ve read them and it’s more of, what was I thinking, kind of things. But nothing I feel ashamed of. If I was famous, tabloids they would be very disappointed. There’s nothing there that would destroy my career. If I had one that is.

I started writing at 7 years but then it was only a few sentences. Like I said before in this post, writing is like breathing to me. The same with music and photography. I just can’t live without them. I have to get my thoughts out of my head and writing is better than keep it all inside. You don’t have to be a great writer to write. It doesn’t even have to be published anywhere. As longs as you write, that’s all that matters. That’s how I survive from depression. I feel down at times but I’m lucky I don’t suffer from it. I could never put myself in someone elses shoes but I can be there for the person who does have it bad.

These are the reasons why I write. If someone said I should stop writing, I should say, stop breathing. I’ll write until I can’t no more. It’s my life and you should do what you like with yours. Do what you love and don’t let other people spoil your mood.

This is daily inspiration and my 30 minutes is up.


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