Money makes the world go round, not!

rubelsThe Finnish version of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” is shown here on Saturdays. It’s the same one like the original but in Finnish. The question is always “Do you want to become a millionaire?” So far no one has even been close. Another question is, if you win a million, what would you do with it? The same question with lottery.
Maybe you should win it first before knowing what to do with the money. In a way that’s a silly question. How would you really know if you don’t have that kind of money in the first place? Why is money such an important thing in the world anyway?

I come from a working class background. My mother had temp jobs and then she was unemployed. My father was working in a company that made jewellery until he became self-employed in the same occupation. He still makes jewellery even if he’s on pension. Even if we weren’t middle class, we still had food on the table. My mother taught me how to save money and how to buy food or clothes from a discount. I’ve learned the value of money. That’s one of the reasons why I wouldn’t want to be a millionaire. I only need enough money to live my life. Money doesn’t make you happy anyway. It’s just something you need to survive.

I never dream to become a millionaire. Like The Notorious B.I.G sang ‘Mo money, mo problems. I wouldn’t even know what to use that kind of money. I would probably give it away to things that need them more. Besides if you’re rich you have to pay more taxes. It also brings people to you that want to become your friend because you got the cash. There would be a lot of fake people around and life is too short for that. Sure you can travel, buy fancy clothes and all those unnecessary things you think you need but it won’t make you fully happy.

You don’t need a million euros, dollars or whatever your currency is, to be something. You don’t need to buy anything expensive. All you need money for is paying the bills, buy food and clothes once in a while. It’s only the rich people who think they need all the money they have. There’s so many homeless and poor people in the world but the greed is too strong so the unfortunate doesn’t have a chance. Money doesn’t make the world go round, it’s the people who makes the money go round. Money shouldn’t be the most important thing in life but unfortunately some think that’s the only thing. But their life must be empty anyway.

It’s much easier to appreciate money when you haven’t had it. You’ve learned to save some and use it sensible. Spending time with other people is more important. Having at least one person in your life is like having millions. With money you can buy things but it doesn’t buy you happiness.



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