Never sated enough


No matter how much you tell yourself material things doesn’t matter, it actually does. Only if you live in poverty, you realise you can live without it. I just don’t want to be in that situation. I have never had lot of money nor my parents. I learned to save. I can thank mother for that. I only buy things that I actually need and can afford. But you never know when you don’t have money. Bad luck can strike anyone so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Recently I have spent too much money on material things and that concert ticket. But I’ve only bought things at discounts but that’s still not cheap. I never liked shopping in stores so online shops are heaven. I mostly buy music and movies. Sometimes t-shirts but that as far as clothes go. I rather buy them in stores than online. I still buy CD’s and DVD which I’m never sated enough of. I actually prefer watching movies from a disk. Earlier this year I bought a player where you can watch both Blu-ray and DVD’s. I don’t see the difference between them. I think they quality is the same. But that’s not the reason I buy Blu-ray. Because sometimes there are more extras in them than on DVD’s. They’re more expensive but not that much. Besides they always go on sale half price when the movies gets older.

Right now I got 62 DVD/Blu-ray altogether if you don’t count TV series and extended versions. That’s a whole other list. I’ve seen almost all expect the latest I bought recently. If you look at the list I made in IMDB, the 6 last items are new. Two of them are Swedish movies I watched when I was a kid. You can tell a lot about a person what kind of movies they watched. I have quite a lot of fantasy and action/drama movies because I’m always been fascinated by them since I was a child. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I have a good imagination. It’s not from books for sure since I don’t read them that much. I prefer movies. Some of the DVD’s I own are movies I’ve seen on the movie screen.

But then there are movies I’ve never seen but yet I bought them. Why you ask? The reason is the actor. I usually don’t choose movies to watch by looking who’s in it even if it helps. But this certain British actor, what words should describe it, melted my heart. No it’s not Benedict Cumberbatch even though I like him a lot too.
It’s Tom Hiddleston. I’ve never seen any movie he’s been in. No even Thor and those Marvel movies. The only thing I’ve seen him in The Night manager mini series. I wouldn’t say it was the greatest but not bad either. The reason why I watched it was because Hugh Laurie was in it. But Tom was a gorgeous bonus. Which he is. Actually he’s the inspiration to my poem Smokin’ hot. Don’t think I only go for his looks. I’m sure his acting skills are great too. I only have to watch these movies before I can judge. Honestly I didn’t even think much of him before until I saw the TV series. It takes a while for me to like something and when it does strike, there’s no turn back.

There are things money can’t buy. You don’t get sensible money spending until you learn the value of money. Only spend what you can afford. The problem begins when you loan money from the bank and you can’t pay it back. You can’t buy common sense and that’s the most important thing no matter what you do in your life. If you don’t have that, no wonder people have debts up to their necks. As long as I have money, I’m sated. With that thought. I won’t be buying anymore DVD’s or anything else for that matter in a long time. There are more important things to pay than material things.

On this chaotic day

boomWhen you really should do your assignments but it’s too chaotic since you’re blog is getting traffic.
That’s what I saw when I came to WordPress. It’s very unusual for me. Then there are comments to approve so who has time to work.

But seriously I haven’t had much traffic on this blog. I’ve been happy at least some traffic. It doesn’t really matter how much you have. The most important thing is that you love what you write about. You would still write even if there wasn’t anyone reading it. It can be depressive but there’s always someone who does. You don’t really know. That shouldn’t make anyone stop blogging. Writing is good for you. If I had stopped, I wouldn’t have ‘met’ different people around the world. I’m glad after these 3 years I still get new followers and people find this blog. I don’t know what I’m doing differently but I’m doing something right.

Looking closer to this statistics, I notice the traffic is in Finland. I was on this blog on another computer where I’m not signed in so maybe that’s the reason. I doubt Finnish people even find this blog in the first place. Oh well, maybe it wasn’t a very good news after all. Never take WordPress site stats seriously. I got a little too excited there. But at least I got some self-esteem back. Even it wasn’t real. Back to the boring and chaotic assignments.


So excited I can hide it

breakdance spinning on his head

When a Finn wins in sport or get excited of something, they don’t show emotion. The anticipation is there but we’re very good at hiding it. Unless there’s alcohol involved. Maybe it’s shyness or we’re taught of not getting too excited. Showing motion is seen as a bad thing. It’s getting better in the younger generation but still you’re not suppose jump up and down if you’re excited about something. If you do, then you’re probably drunk. Even if you’re smiling on the street, you’re seen as a lunatic. Foreigners think Finns are rude because they’re not like other people in the world. But just because you’re not acting exciting, doesn’t mean you’re not. We rejoice inside. We might clap or cheer for a moment but then move on. Our celebrations are more discrete than others. I’ve been in a couple of ice hockey games and the fans are the ones who cheer and make noise. Other viewers there only watch the game and if a goal is made, they might stand up and cheer. But most people only clap and sit still. In our sport events, there won’t be much singing and dancing like in other sports in other countries. It just isn’t common in our culture.

I used to be shy and acted the same way other Finns did at sport events. But as I got older and bolder, I wasn’t worried if someone noticed my excitement. I still wouldn’t cheer if someone else didn’t either. I would never dare to start and give an example to others. In that way I’m still a follower. As long as there’s other people around, I’m not worried about what others think.
I’m going next year to a Robbie Williams concert here in Finland. My first ever real concert I’ve been to. Unless it gets cancelled. I don’t know how I act there. Maybe I will only watch and listen or sing along. Since I never been to a concert with that many people in it, I have no idea how things can go. Finns can be loud when they want to so we’re not that cold inside. We’re not like in some countries where the audience just stands there listening and clap when the song is over. But like I wrote before, if there’s alcohol involved then people sure are more out there.

My excitements usually ends quite quickly. I’m very anticipated about things but when it comes around to it, I lose interest. Like this school I’m going to right now. I was so excited to be there but now it feels like I might not want to do it after all. It’s too hard. There’s a reason why I’m not very fond of studying. Nothing sticks in my head. I wish I could have one skill that I know I can do 100% so I didn’t have to study in school. I should be studying right now but I rather write this post or do something else. I get distracted easily and only want to do things that are fun. That’s always been my problem. I get really excited of something and the next I won’t even bother. If I do something I really like then I get back to it after doing something else. No hobbies of mine have never been a struggle so it’s not a depression. I just like different things and so what if I sometimes prefer doing something else for a change. I could have one hobby and stick with that but that’s not how I am. I love changes and I’m not afraid of it. When I really get anticipated in something, I do it for real.