On this chaotic day

boomWhen you really should do your assignments but it’s too chaotic since you’re blog is getting traffic.
That’s what I saw when I came to WordPress. It’s very unusual for me. Then there are comments to approve so who has time to work.

But seriously I haven’t had much traffic on this blog. I’ve been happy at least some traffic. It doesn’t really matter how much you have. The most important thing is that you love what you write about. You would still write even if there wasn’t anyone reading it. It can be depressive but there’s always someone who does. You don’t really know. That shouldn’t make anyone stop blogging. Writing is good for you. If I had stopped, I wouldn’t have ‘met’ different people around the world. I’m glad after these 3 years I still get new followers and people find this blog. I don’t know what I’m doing differently but I’m doing something right.

Looking closer to this statistics, I notice the traffic is in Finland. I was on this blog on another computer where I’m not signed in so maybe that’s the reason. I doubt Finnish people even find this blog in the first place. Oh well, maybe it wasn’t a very good news after all. Never take WordPress site stats seriously. I got a little too excited there. But at least I got some self-esteem back. Even it wasn’t real. Back to the boring and chaotic assignments.


5 thoughts on “On this chaotic day

  1. I think you are right. Writing is good for people. It gives us an outlet to express our thoughts. When we take time to write them, I think it makes us take pause and reflect more than when we speak. When we write we really have to think about what we want to say even if we are only saying it for ourselves.


  2. Can’t agree more. 🙂

    I discovered blogging in 2007, I think. I had no idea about how it works… what will I get out of it… if this can be a career… and what not. But the best part was without having a single answer to these questions, I created a blog. I just loved the idea of pouring down my emotions in front of the people who know nothing about me. And since then there is no looking back.

    In fact, the biggest irony is that I started it like an online diary, where I just used to scribble down my emotions and daily stuff but I was actually looking for stats too. I have always been an introvert person but I wanted people to read my personal blogs. So, I didn’t discover blogging… I discovered my love to interact with new people. 🙂


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