Advent Calendar, Day 7

reflection from a mirrot on the ceiling

I don’t protest if I hear Christmas songs but I do protest them when it’s 2 months in advance. Today I listened to them. I have a list on Spotify with modern songs. I also like those traditional ones though. You don’t hear moderns songs on the radio that often. If you really want to listen to songs you want to hear, you should make a playlist on streaming sites like Spotify. Legally of course.

So when is the right time to start listening to Christmas tunes? Closer to Christmas the better, I say. Before that it’s annoying and by the time the real holiday comes, you’re already bored with them. It shouldn’t be like that but it is. I don’t know what the rush is. The same with when to end it. Some stop playing them after Christmas day but still Christmas. In Finland, Sweden and Estonia Christmas ends on St. Knut day which is January 13. But people seems to want to get rid of Christmas as soon as possible. It is strange, people can’t wait for it and yet they can’t wait to get rid of it. Sometimes I wonder the behaviour of certain people. They have no respect for traditions anymore. That’s the way it goes in the modern world and you can’t change that.

I’m not gonna do anything differently. I respect traditions and I’ll keep it that way. People can put their Christmas decorations away right after Christmas Eve if their that hasty. I’m gonna enjoy it until January 13. I’m in no hurry. The same with songs. I’ll listen to them every day until then. Christmas and the songs are only once a year. You can listen to other songs all year around.

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