Labelled, it’s not worth it

Made with Illustrator CC 2017

People have the urge to label things. If it’s someone’s personality, nationality or sexuality, just to name a few. No one is perfect. Isn’t it time to call everyone a human because that’s what we are. We should be laughing about labels and not criticise each other. Instead of being so negative about the world, how about taking action and change attitudes. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s the inside that counts. As long as you love yourself, that’s all that matters and not what others might think. We don’t need to use all our energy to differences. Love should make the world go around and not material things. There are people who have nothing and yet they can enjoy the smallest things in life.

If everyone was made out of the same mould, this world would be a boring place. We need differences. People who want to put others down because they’re different, are weak themselves. They have no respect for others. They bully because they can’t feel sympathy. Narrow-minded people are the cancer of society and if we let them rule the world, we are doomed. Kids should be taught to accept differences and not spread negativity. When they see adults acting violently or saying it’s not OK to be different, they start to think that’s a way to go. It’s no wonder kids these days has so much pressure. They have to dress like everyone else and if they can’t afford what their friends can, they get labelled weird. They are not allowed to be themselves. Human’s shouldn’t be labelled anything. We’re not products who needs reassurance for what we are.

I’ve been taught to respect others. I can’t understand how someone can be rude to others. If I tried, I would feel guilty afterwards. We can’t all be friends but at least try to feel sympathy towards others. Everyone should feel good about themselves no matter who they are. No one should be left alone because they don’t fit in the perfect world some thinks exist. Everybody has the right to be here and even those evil people. As long as you don’t sink to their level. There’s so much prejudice in the world even if we live in the 2000’s. Some don’t get treated evenly like they deserve to because they’re not like everyone else. If it’s their sexuality or if they have a disability of some sort. Then there’s age discrimination which is becoming stronger every year. There’s no value for experience anymore.

So how about stop labelling people and accept for who they are? If people only would smile more often and not take life so seriously. Let’s relax and enjoy our differences because there’s so much else to life than fighting against something you can’t change. So L.O.V.E to you like Michael Jackson once said.







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