You make me lurch

dizzy roomLurch

You make me weak at the knees and it makes me lurch

When I see you on screen I can’t take my eyes off you

I don’t know your lines and I don’t see what you do

If I didn’t sit down I could lurch and embarrass myself

I pay for a movie ticket just to see you

I can’t be with you for real so I feed my hunger this way

Even if I think about you I feel dizzy

I want to close my eyes and hear your voice

But the power of you makes me want to look

You have no idea what you’re doing to me

All you need to stand there and do nothing

You hypnotise me with your presence

It doesn’t matter if it’s on-screen or off

You still occupy my mind and it destroys my life

I try to think about something else but it won’t work

No matter what you do nothing will change

You make me lurch and I can’t stop it