Release the creative beast

creative quoteCreativity is not only about how artistic you are. Everyone can be creative at some level. Some people are good at drawing. Some have the ability to play an instrument and write good songs. But also people who are good with kids and they know how to teach them. Release the creative beast even if you don’t think you are. There’s no such thing as being bored. You can always do things. It’s only the laziness that gets in the way. You don’t need to be a pro to be creative. It’s also about everyday life.

I’m creative most in the evening and sometimes at night. It depends on what mood I’m in. Sometimes I’m not creative at all and it feels empty. Creativity is my way of expressing myself. Writing fiction is one. I usually create ideas and plots in my head. Sometimes it becomes a story and sometimes I make up something new. I also read other people’s stories to find inspiration. When I can’t find a story I’m looking for, I write my own. I don’t expect others to read them when I post them online. Of course, it’s always nice to see likes and comments but I write to myself. I have to get ideas out of my head one way or another. Since I write in English, it’s also good practice. Writing is just a hobby so I’m not planning to make a money out of it.

I like to do different things so I don’t stick to one subject only. One day I write and the next I might play with Adobe programs on the laptop. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. Also, Instagram (@liuzzia5) got good ideas when it comes to photography. I wish my tablet would have a better camera so I could post on my account more often. I can post photos I’ve posted online but that takes time so I don’t want to bother. I also don’t like the touch the screen thing on the tablet.
My style of creativity is doing things on the computer. I can’t draw very well to save my life but with a mouse, it’s easier. I can doodle something but I’ll never become an artist. I leave that to the real masters.


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