Advent calendar Box 5

advent calendar 5

All I want for Christmas is more courage and a better 2018. I also want to relocate myself abroad more often. It all depends on money. I would travel more if I could. Everything is so expensive. Even though Finland has a lot of locations I haven’t been to. Abroad is always an interesting place to visit. I would stay in Europe though. I wish I could see New Zealand but I won’t be able to for years. I almost have to win the lottery to go there. Or get a job that pays well but I don’t see that happening either. Not the way things are going anyway.

Sometimes you need to go somewhere to recharge the batteries. A break it’s good for the soul and mind. Unfortunately, some people can’t afford to go anywhere. But going out of the house once in a while is good too. You’re in your house or flat most of the year so even a small breather is good. It doesn’t need to be overnight. It’s nice to come home after you’ve been somewhere else for a while. There is no good excuse why you can’t leave your home. The weather is one of them. There is no bad weather, there are only laziness and bad clothes. It’s funny how some people complain about rain and that they can’t go out. That’s the best part. Walking under your umbrella and wellies on. It’s about attitude and seeing the positive.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas. It will be nice to travel abroad and see other ways to celebrate the holidays. I also get away from home and the city for a while. Even if I’ve been to Riga a lot of times, there will still be something to see. We’re only gonna be there for about 5 hours but that will be enough. That’s better than handle the stress other people will go through. I can enjoy the holiday for real and that will be so refreshing.