Advent calendar Box 20

advent calendar 20

Day 20 comes and I bring you good news when it comes to job search. I got a job interview! It’s in Helsinki so I need to travel for it. It could have been handled through Skype but I never used it. It’s better to meet face to face. This a great Christmas present. I don’t even mind now I didn’t get chosen to Helsinki Design School to study graphic design. A job is what I need.

I have never had a job interview in the ordinary sense. I’ve been to interviews but they’ve been for study or course. It’s easy now to be prepared but when it comes to the real thing, I might screw up. Just getting an interview is great. Even if I don’t get chosen, I can still learn from it. It’s not every day you get one. Especially if jobs in web design is limited. The job is only 7 months but that’s enough for me. Getting an interview is one thing but getting the job is another. No matter how much I prepare, it never goes the way I planned it. I might forget everything that I thought of or my answers are too short. I shouldn’t be obsessed about this. I should just go there confident. If I start to think too much, then it makes me more nervous.

Web design really is my so-called calling and I want to work with it in the future. Design in general. Getting this job interview gives me hope for 2018. This year I went through a lot but next year it really should happen something on the job front. If I won’t get it, I need another plan. But I definitely won’t give up. I’ve had enough of unemployment. When you have a job you don’t need to fight with the jobcentre and you don’t need to apply for social benefits. However, the next goal is to get through the job interview and worry about other things later.