Stifle the blues

heart on snow

We all have our weaknesses. No human is perfect. We all have our bad days. If it’s about the weather or your life, you must find a way to stifle the blues away. The best thing is to do what you love. It doesn’t even need to be anything big. Taking a walk in a park can be very refreshing. Even watching your favourite movie or TV series can lift up your spirit. As long as you don’t fall into despair because then it’s harder to get up from it.

For me laughing is a good remedy. When I feel down I go to Youtube and watch funny videos. Not one of those vlogs and such though. More about classic comedies and yes even cat videos sometimes. Youtube is like Pringles, you watch one and then another. Soon you look at the time and realise how much time has passed. I go there no matter what mood I’m in.

The same goes with music. It makes you laugh, cry or dance away. For you who dance that is. Any kind of music you like lifts up your spirit. I’ve mentioned before in this blog that music is my first love. It has helped through bad times and made me feel better. Not a day goes by where I listen to music on the radio or online. I even have the radio on when I sleep. You don’t hear your neighbours when you have some sound in your bedroom. Singing along to my favourite songs is also a good medicine for the blues. Some old classics I still know the words to and I haven’t listened to them in years. It doesn’t even matter if I sing the wrong words. Singing is good too. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing when doing it in your own home.

You don’t necessarily need entertainment to feel better. Seeing other smile and especially if they’re kids. Or animals. Do what you like best and don’t let others make you feel down. The song below one of my favourites because the lyrics are positive. It is a beautiful life and we shouldn’t forget it.



Mysterious ways

Inscrutable handprint

Inscrutable, a word I learned today. One of the synonyms is mysterious. I looked it up. In this self-possessive age where people post anything about themselves online, there is no mystery left. It’s like marriage. If you tell everything about yourself at once, there’s nothing new to know about the person. You should get to know a person little by little. On the internet, you have a choice. You neither choose what you post or do the opposite. You also don’t need to follow the crowd. Daring to be different should be the new sexy.

I think it’s easier for an introvert to keep things to themselves. People might say you’re weird but what is so wrong with that? That what life is about, different people. What is weird to one person, it’s normal for another. Before judging, we should respect others for what they are. If someone wants to post everything about themselves, they should be allowed to. But they also need to think the about consequences. Thinking before posting is a better option. If someone wants to keep things private, they should be allowed to.

I don’t have the need to tell things online. I like moving in mysterious ways. Some things I can reveal about myself like I have on this blog. But I don’t want unnecessary attention. There’s been enough of attention in the past in real life. The internet is a big place and there is a lot of bad people. I’ve had to handle with a lot of a-holes and I don’t want to meet them online. That’s not the reason though. I’m just a private person. My parents gave me enough of attention so I don’t have to search for it elsewhere. I can share opinions and about experiences but that as far it goes. Honor the inscrutable, I say.