Where do old signs go

Credit to Cheri Lucas Rowlands/The Daily Post

WWC: Build your own


Where do old signs go
Will it be used again
Up to a roof or wall
Maybe inside a bar
Or maybe as a decoration
It should be used again
I look at the signs
And I really want one, badly

(Inspiration from Where do broken hearts go by Whitney Houston )

Original lyrics

Where do broken hearts go
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms
Of a love that’s waiting there
And if somebody loves you
Won’t they always love you
I look in your eyes
And I know that you still care, for me

4 thoughts on “Where do old signs go

  1. LOL I totally started singing that before I even opened your post. That was cute. Btw, they usually end up in some rich collectors house found by guys on TV that raid horders who usually live on big country lots with lots of room to store them. Huh.. maybe that’s the next verse to your song? LOL. Thanks 😉


    1. You’re welcome.
      When I first saw that photo, that song popped in my mind.Rewriting lyrics is hard so I only used the chorus. If I did continue,it could be about what you suggested.

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