“Should I describe it to you or should I get you a box”


The forever question, does size matter? There’s all kinds of studies about why women like tall men. Mostly because they want to feel secure and feminine. BS I say. Let’s put that on the side. Stats can say whatever they want.

I don’t know about other people’s tastes but I know I like tall men. Or taller. Not necessarily tall men. As long as they’re taller than me. I’m 5’7″ and I’ve always looked down at people. I always felt I was taller than others. Most people I’ve known have been shorter than me. I’ve never had height issues. I’m just average. Not too short or not too tall. When I see taller people, I feel short which is a positive feeling. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I like tall men. The feeling. If the man is shorter than me I only see them as possible friends. When it comes to liking someone more than that, then tall is much better. I have nothing against short men as love interests but there’s just something about tall men that I really like.

Men I’ve fancied over the years have always been at least 6’0 tall. Some have been under that. Not all tall men are good though. There’s a limit. I could never be with someone who’s really tall. Tall like 6’7 and over. I don’t want to break my neck. The height is not a priority though. What counts is personality and how they act. The height is just a bonus.
Sometimes height is more than a bonus. When I saw that Lee Pace was 6’3″ I was

But apparently he’s 6’5″

It should be me who needs a box 😀 And someone to catch me when I fall.

Some people have unnecessary height issues. Especially teenagers seems to be more worried about their appearance then their health. They’re worried they won’t be accepted if they’re too short or too tall. But you just have to accept the height you become. Some are just naturally tall. Depends on your genes or whatever. You just have to accept the way you are. Instead of having negative thoughts about your height, why not think what’s positive. It’s just silly trying to look taller than you are. Honesty is the best policy after all.




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