“Keep telling yourself that, darling”


I do not fancy Tom Keen. I do not fancy Tom Keen.

That’s what I keep telling myself. It is unheard of to fancy a TV character that you should hate. If you haven’t seen ‘The Blacklist’, you really should. If you did, you would understand what I’m writing about.
But a small recap. Tom Keen is the husband of Elizabeth Keen, who is a FBI profiler. It turns out that their marriage have all been a lie. Tom is not the dream husband she thought he was. To make the story short, after a long time it turns out that he really is a killer that has been paid to kill Liz. At first at least. I don’t know what motives he has now. Those writers really know how to confuse a viewer.

It’s a bit cliché that someone who has been paid to do something actually fall in love with the victim. They kept dragging this, is he or is he not? But from the start I knew he wasn’t innocent. The most disturbing thing is, Liz actually wanted a family with this man. Never felt so uneasy with a character before. I just wanted to slap her for not seeing the real him. She was a profiler so she should notice those things. I guess love is blind. When she finally realises, I could empathise her disgust towards him. She had to act like normal so he wouldn’t find out she knew the truth. When he wanted them to renew their vows, you could really see Liz reaction. She really wanted to spill out the beans. And hurt him. There were also other disturbing things in this relationship but I won’t get into them.

I don’t know what it is with bad guys in movies or television. Especially if the actor is hot. Like in this case. Is Tom Keen hot or is it because Ryan Eggold is? I dislike the character but at the same time I want to make passionate love to him. In real life I would never get interested people who have taken someone elses life.
I don’t understand why some people think Ryan is a bad actor. They obviously haven’t seen him in Sons of Liberty and The Blacklist. If he can play a character that people hate at first, he can’t be that bad.

I really hope the writers won’t get Tom and Liz back together. He already killed at least 4 people so how can someone take him back after all that. A criminal that doesn’t go to jail. It’s wrong and so unrealistic. It doesn’t matter how much he loves her. What done is done. I rather see him in jail or dead than go back to ‘normal’ life.

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