NaBloPoMo15: fI uoy nac daer siht


You understand this weirdness I possess. It isn’t weirdness really. It’s normal to me. What is weird anyway? Some might think I’m weird because I don’t talk much. Of course I won’t. I don’t waste my time on nonsense.
Or sometimes I walk to the other side of the street if another person is coming towards me. Especially if it’s Friday or Saturday night and they’re young people.

I can also speak in fake accents but I don’t do that in public because some might not understand it. The same with different sounds I make.
Sometimes I’m in a funny mood. But only when I’m alone.
I giggle like a girl when I see certain actors I like.
I can’t look at a picture of a person too long because it feel like they’re looking at me.
Websites that have big close-up photos of someone famous, is a big no. I just don’t like the “in your face”- thing.

One thing that is normal to some, is weird for others. I think it’s weird people take selfies of themselves. One is OK but why do people have the need to take one every time they done something. Like having a haircut or they’ve met their idols. It’s “Hey, look at me. I’m so important” I just hate selfies, they’re everywhere.

What I also think is weird, are people who have to walk on their heels so you would think it’s a member of Stomp living upstairs. If it’s during daytime, it’s different. But when it’s in the middle of the night, that’s weird. Having loud parties is also weird at night. If you need to shout, go out or put the volume down. For them it might be normal but that’s what I think is weird.

Being weird is alright as long as it’s normal. But there’s no need to be a jerk about it.

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