Guilty pleasure: Star Wars

SWFORCEWhen people hear the name ‘Star Wars’ they assume it’s only geeks who watch those kind of movies. But that’s where you are wrong. I watch them and I’m not a geek. Honestly I didn’t even like Star Wars at first. I thought it was a bit juvenile. People dressing like the characters was just weird to me. I still think so but each to their own.

The first movie I saw was ‘The phantom menace’ OK it wasn’t one of the best once but still you have to start somewhere. After that I saw the original trilogy on TV. Like most fans, I like those better. I have the Revenge of the sith on DVD which I think it’s the best out of the newer trilogy.

I went to see the latest one, Star Wars: The Force Awakens this evening. I thing it was OK but I thought it was a bit long. What disturbed me the most was the constant battles with the ships. There wasn’t much of a story but that’s just how movies are these days. There were some funny scenes though. When Han Solo appeared on-screen, people in the audience cheered. But not for  Leia which was a bit strange. Did they even know it was her? (and no Carrie Fisher doesn’t look old :P) I’m not sure I liked Kylo Ren. When I first saw the trailer, I was unsure about him. He’s just not Darth Vader. Not even close. Even if Adam Driver was good, I still doubt the characters abilities. Maybe in the next one.
Rest of the cast did a good job too. It’s always nice to see new faces in the movies.

Not spoiling anything but the short appearance of Luke was a bit WTF, that’s it?! And no cheering for him either. Weird people. The reason I went to see this in the theater was to see the old crew, him, Han Solo, Leia and Chewwie. But at least it was 3 out of 4. Until the next time.


4 thoughts on “Guilty pleasure: Star Wars

  1. Ahh Star Wars! Now to give away my age … I had a choice to go to either the original Star Wars movie or the Abba movie (yes they had a movie). I chose the Abba movie and I regretted it ever since. LMAO!

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