Listening to the voices in my head

Can’t Stand Me

When I read the daily post subject of today I thought it was about what you dislike about yourself. But when I saw it’s about what’s worse, hearing your own voice or seeing yourself on video, it’s almost right.
I would say my voice. It’s OK when I talk and record my voice but when I hear it in something else, then it’s horrible. I heard my voice on the radio once when I won a competition and I sounded like my mother. That’s the least thing you want to sound like. When I answered a phone, the person on the other end thought I was her. It was not the sound of her voice, the problem was I sounded like her. Like twins. I wanted a voice of my own. Sometimes I hate my voice. I can barely listen to myself when I’m at my worse.

It’s not that unbearable when it comes to seeing myself on video. I was on TV once and I wasn’t as horrified as when I see myself on photos. That’s even worse. That’s a reason I don’t post selfies and photos where you can see me. I prefer being behind the camera. I’m just not that photogenic. When I see myself in photos as an adult, the voice in my head says, ugly. It was different when I was a kid. I was cute then. I don’t know what happened. Adding a photo of myself to a CV terrifies me. I avoid every single photo of me as much as I can. I rather let people see me in real life than in photos or videos.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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