Get a life, will you


What bores me the most? It’s not daily things like tidy your bed, brush your teeth etc. Not even staying in a Friday night. It’s nosy people who wants to know everything about someone who works in the entertainment business. You know actors, singers and those people. They appear in one big movie and suddenly people wants to know everything about them. If they don’t, the rumours start.

Especially when it comes to private lives. Who’s dating who? If they’re not, why’s that? It’s OK to know what kind of things they like but why is it so important to know what they do in their private lives? Just because they’re in the public eye, doesn’t mean everyone has the right to know what they do. Not everyone wants to be famous for their privates lives. They can’t all be the headlines of the tabloids. It is possible to keep your private lives private even if people know who you are. It depends how much you want to give. I doubt they search themselves on the internet to see if there are any rumours about them. They do have a life. Unlike certain other people.

Sexuality seems to be a big issue. Since when has that become so important to people. It’s a private issue. Just because they don’t reveal it to the public doesn’t mean they’re struggling with it. There’s a lot of openly gay people (or whatever sexuality they are) who can be role models to others. Why do some people have the urge to know if someone’s gay? What do they need that information for? Maybe they got issues of their own and they desperately seek for someone who really is. Even if they’re totally straight. So what if someone is outed. It won’t change the person. They’ve still gonna be the person they are. It’s what they do which is more important and not what sexuality they are.
I won’t mention any names but there’s been this gay rumour about an actor for a few years now. I don’t why this is still going on. That’s the only subject that some nosy people seems to worry about. Is he or not? Who really cares? It seems they’re more concern about his life than about their own. I doubt they’re fans because real fans don’t care.

That’s what bores be the most, hearing about celebrities private lives. Why don’t these nosy people get a life? You only live once so why even wasting your time worrying about other people’s private lives. These people really have too much time on their hands.

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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