And I’m not even sorry

sorryI have never needed to apologise for anything. I am what I am. I change for no one. I’m not sorry for who I am and what I have experienced. It’s not my problem how other people act or think. There have been people in my life who have been there for me and people who haven’t. Those who haven’t are the one’s who should apologise to me. It wasn’t my fault they didn’t bother to get to know me. I’m glad I didn’t have to keep in touch with them. The way they acted towards me, it just made me stronger. If I even met them again, I wouldn’t even say hello. I wouldn’t waste my time on people like that. They’re the past. I only look forward.
You should only care about good people and not those who aren’t. Life is too short to dwell on idiots and other people’s bad behaviours. Never sink to they’re level, it’s what they want. If someone criticises your looks, your style, the way you are or something else, don’t apologise for who you are. It’s not your problem, it’s theirs. If you have a positive attitude towards yourself, no negative attitudes can hurt you. If I hadn’t gone through bad times, I would have been a different person. I’m not sorry for the past and I don’t have to apologise to anyone.

I’m not sorry I haven’t lived the way the society wants me to. I don’t have a career, a family and a house before 30. I have never smoked, went to parties, got drunk or any other things young people do. But I’m not sorry. I don’t need those things. I haven’t missed a thing. There are a lot of things I haven’t done but I’m not gonna apologise for that. So maybe my life is boring compared to others but maybe I just don’t look for an exciting life. I enjoy the small things. I don’t have to experience big things to feel complete. I’m still human despite that.
I’m not sorry for being an introvert. It’s part of me for being reserved and careful. I’ve always been calm and laid-back. I’m not gonna become something other people expect me to be. That’s not who I am. If other people doesn’t respect me, it’s their problem. At least I’m not fake and hide behind some mask.

I’m not sorry I have ideas and fantasies in my head that I put in my fiction. I’m not gonna apologise for having a vivid (even dirty) imagination. I’m not sorry for getting inspiration from movies, TV shows or other people’s fictions. Why would I apologise for a talent most people don’t have? I’m might not be the next top author but at least I’m not worried what other people might think of me after they’ve read my stories. They are just stories and it has nothing to do with real life. Writing is just a way for me to write down my thoughts instead of keeping it all inside.

Like they say in a song, sorry seem to be the hardest thing. In my case its one of the easiest and I’m not even sorry.