Music is my life

radioMusic has always been part of my life since I was a child. I’m one of those kids who lived they’re childhood in the 80’s. The fashion wasn’t the best but the music was awesome and still is. When I hear what they’re playing on the radio these days, I’m glad I’m not a teen. I’m not even interesting in new bands anymore. I use to follow the music scene but then other interest came a long. A lot of bands and artists who existed in the 80’s and 90’s are still around. Like Duran Duran who released Paper Gods last year and they’re also still touring. I wish they could get their butts over here as well. They’re one of the rarest bands that still make great music.

Without music life would be dull. My taste is wide. I listen to almost all kinds of music. Real music and not computerized noise you hear in young people’s stereos. There are good bands like Pet shop boys whose music is made by a computer but they do it with style. I love a good melody. I didn’t pay that much attention to lyrics until I got older. I don’t listen to Finnish songs that much, unless I happen to have the radio on. Finnish lyrics are sometimes stupid. Finnish bands who sings in English is a different thing. I’ve learned the language by listening to music. I have listened to other foreign songs but I never understand what they’re singing. I usually just listen to it if the sound is good. I’ve heard songs in Spanish, French, Italian, German but English is still the best.

I like buying CD’s. Nothing is better than having the real thing. Besides when you by a CD you can get a booklet. It depends on the album but it usually have lyrics and photos in them. That’s the best thing. You don’t get that when you buy digitally. I don’t really understand why people want to buy it that way. The same with movies. If you watch them online or on Netflix, you don’t get the same feeling you get from a DVD. Besides sometimes a disc contains extra footage which you don’t get when you buy digitally. That’s the best part of having a real DVD in your hand. The feeling you actually have it. The same with a CD.

Before there were sound, there were music. If there wasn’t music, the silent movies would be silent. Music made the movies they are today. I couldn’t be without music. I listen to it in no matter mood I’m in. I watch movies because of the music. I don’t listen to classical music but in movies it’s a must. Music is also important in TV shows but sometimes no music is needed to add more drama. For example when I watch Game of thrones, I don’t even realise there’s music in the background. The scenes are so intense without music.

Music is my life and the 80’s is my favorite decade. Also 90’s music has its great songs. Any music is good no matter what decade. Even the 2000’s has it. I listen to the radio every day. I even have it on when I sleep. I listen mostly to a radio station that plays old classics. Music is my first love and it will always be the love of my life.