May the hope be with you

SWFORCEToday it’s Star Wars Day. But it’s also a day of hope. There are forces out there you can’t control but you should never turn into the dark side. A side where all the hope is gone and you fall into despair. You think there is no way out of your misery and that nobody cares. But that’s where you are wrong. You just have to stay strong and not give up no matter what.

I’ve never suffered from depression so I don’t know how that really feels like. But I have lost hope and felt nothing good will never come to me. That’s what life is about. Everything can’t be like in Sound of music (never seen it but I can imagine it) where everything is happy. You have ups and downs. Some have more than others. If everybody lost hope, there would be nobody left in this world. There are days when it feels like everything is trembling down but everyone has a bad day. Even the rich and famous. That what makes us human. We get hope, we lose it but that’s not the end of the world. If aliens invaded, then maybe it could but that’s far-fetched. This is the real world and there’s always hope. You need patience and positive thinking. It’s the negativity that makes us lose hope.

We always see bad things on the news so we think the world is bad. If there were more positive news, maybe we wouldn’t be so paranoid about the intentions of others. There are too many concerns in the world. No wonder there are so many depressed people out there. We’re too busy complaining about things we don’t have. How about things we do have? We should all take examples from kids and animals. Or even disabled people. They see the world in a totally different way. Enjoy the smallest things instead of thinking about big things. Music, reading a good book, watch movies or just a walk in the park. Anything you fancy.

We also compare ourselves with each other. There will always be someone who got a better job, a better relationship or better looking but that doesn’t mean they’re better than anyone else. There have always been negative people who think badly about others and always will be. They’re the one’s loosing hope. They’re the one bringing you down. Life’s too short to have those kind of people around you so cut them out of your life. Believe me, nothing is better than live without negative people around you.

Never give up hope. There’s always a new day and maybe that day will finally give you more positive thoughts. Without hope there’s no life so never give up.