Jump they say

From ski jumper tower in Lahti, Finland 2009

The Daily Prompt, Jump made me think about the song ‘Jump they say’ by David Bowie. Actually a lot of The Daily Post challenges makes me think about song titles. I searched (or googled) for Jump in the song titles and there’s quite a lot of those.

Just to mention a few. When I think about jump, I think about being happy. Jumping for joy. I’m not actually jumping even if it feels I could. As a kid I used to jump rope. Both alone with a short rubber rope or a long one with other kids. It was an activity we did at break in school. I don’t know if kids do that today. It’s a shame if they don’t since its good exercise. I’ve even tried Double Dutch which is quite difficult but fun.

Jumping from one subject to another. I thought about writing about music at first but then something else came to mind. I have too many thoughts in my head so I can’t really stick to one subject at a time. I could never have a blog that is only about one subject. Except that web design haven blog but that’s about it. I just get bored easily. I like versatility. That’s my motivation for everything.

I’m gonna jump off this blog post because I’m out of ideas for now.



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