Just put your mind into it

capable quote
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“I can’t do it” “Yes you can”
Sometimes you think you can’t do things but you’re capable to do anything if you put your mind to it. I said to my mother a lot of times, I can’t do it whatever it was. But as a parent should, she always believed I would. It’s difficult to judge yourself. It’s not until someone says you’re good at something, you believe it. Even then you feel you’re not good enough. I’m never completely satisfied of things I do. Even in blogging I sometimes think my writing is not good enough. Of course you get better, more you practise. I wish I had the enthusiasm to practise other things. I should practise photography but I’m not that excited. Practise has always been difficult for me. I’m probably lazy to do things. I also give up too easily. When I was a child I took electronic piano lessons but I didn’t like the teacher so I quit. I even got an electronic piano for Christmas but I didn’t play with it that much. I still have it in my own place. One of the keys is broken so it’s not much fun to play it. I used it when I got older but I only learned with one hand. I also played a fibble flute in school but I didn’t practise enough. Now I can play it of course and I do from time to time. Practise makes perfect but I just have to find motivation to do it.

I know I can do things if I just put my mind to it. If I learned English and riding a bike, I can learn other things too. I’ve never been good in Math and that’s something I will never learn no matter how much mind I have in it. But other easier things is a possibility. Creative stuff mostly because that’s a natural thing for me. Maybe I’m born with it, I don’t know. I have to keep telling myself I am capable and not fall into despair. What I’m learning now is coding and that’s been a challenge to me. It feels like I’m never gonna make it. I haven’t been confident enough to believe I got what it takes to become a web designer. I didn’t think I would. It was just something I wanted to add to my resume but now when I’ve got to know more about it, I’ve started to think maybe I could become one. My client gave me great feedback and it gave me more confidence. It’s not only about designing websites. A web designer can also make things a graphic designer can. There’s a lot of opportunities to do creative things and that’s what I know I’m capable of.

You should never doubt your skills. That’s what I should try to remember myself. Everybody probably doesn’t like what you do but you can’t please everyone. People have different opinions. Having those negative ones should be taken advantage of and make you do things differently. I hardly get any feedback online how to improve things and are the things I do really any good. If it’s writing fiction or taking photograph. How can you improve if you don’t get any constructive feedback? But it won’t stop me from doing things. I do it for myself anyway. Maybe people just don’t know how to analyse things. Well, not everyone is an expert on that. You need to have a special mind to have deep thoughts. I have learned to get things done by myself without anyone’s help. In that way I’m an independent person. If I wanted help I would ask for it but I usually try to search the answer myself first. If you want things done, you need to do them yourself. If you’re capable of doing that, you can do anything.