None will survive


There’s been so much death lately. Our 9th president Mauno Koivisto passed away May 12 and the funeral was broadcast on television today. Even though he was already over 90, his passing is still sad. Watching the funerals brought me sadness in my heart. Death is part of life and none of us will survive. Having experienced it in my personal life makes me understand how it feels to lose someone. Seeing the sadness in people’s eyes makes me sad too. You can still feel grief even if you don’t know the person. But it’s a different kind. When the situation is over, you move on. If it’s something personal, then grieving takes time. Some have longer lives than others. Sir Roger Moore had a long life even if the sickness took him. He was a good man and he did well for the world. He wasn’t just the actor who played James Bond but he was also an ambassador for UNICEF. It was a bit of a shock to hear about his passing but when you got to go you got to go.
When children die at a young age, it’s even harder. Their lives have been taken away too early and that isn’t fair. But life is hard no matter what.

Surviving has a lot to do with luck. Someone can work in motorsport and drive as fast as they can but no major accident happen. But then they can crash with a car while cycling on the road and their life is over. That’s what happened to the professional motorcyclist Nicky Hayden. He was cycling on a road in Italy with his friends and then got hit by a car. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive and he passed away this Monday. He was only 35 years old and well liked. Death doesn’t only come naturally and it doesn’t see age either. He was an organ donor so in a way, he will live on. People say motorsport is dangerous and it should be banned but it’s been proved many times that there’s a bigger chance to die on a public road than on a racing track. Some can live to a 100 and some can die before birth. Our lives are controlled by destiny. You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Death can come when you least expect it. Making the decision of who lives or dies shouldn’t be given to terrorists. What happened in Manchester where the bomb went off after the Ariana Grande concert, is a good example. Parents who picked their kids up loses their lives. Young and innocent people who haven’t done anything bad. All these terrorists who think they can spread horror across the world without consequences. Using religion as a weapon to their pathetic lives. They have no respect for human life. They have such low self-esteem, they try to take everybody down with them. They’re the bullies from hell. We shouldn’t let these animals spoil our moods. Some things you can’t control but you can control your emotions. Instead of spreading hate, it should be love. That’s the only way to keep the fear away. We all gonna die someday but let us live a safe life first. Good people deserves to have a life they can enjoy. There’s always someone with problems and they won’t let go easily. That doesn’t mean other people should suffer from their issues.

All life is precious and even if problems occur, we should still survive from them. There have always been bad people in the world and always will be. But if we give in, all will be lost. The good people who are still on this earth will keep the evilness away. Life is not always a bed of roses but we shouldn’t forget what’s good about it. It’s all about attitude and how you survive to stay alive as long as you can.

“There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers








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