Limited edition

barb wire
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I don’t think I’m anything special. I’m a modest person who doesn’t like attention. I get uncomfortable if someone looks at me. Even then when they’re not actually looking at me. I have a lot of confidence issues. You don’t see it on the outside. When I was younger I cared what other thought of me. Now it’s easier but there are still times I feel I’m being judged. I don’t like making eye contact with people when I talk to them. It’s also an introvert thing. No matter how much I am around people, I still will feel weird when I meet new people. A lot of people have tried to change me but I’m always been limited edition and that will never change. There must be a finite somewhere. I won’t try to change anyone so I expect others to do the same.

Everybody should feel they’re limited edition. Sometimes it’s good there’s uniqueness because some people just are too much. A lot of people think they have to be like anyone else to fit it. You don’t need to fit anywhere. Being yourself should be a real trend and not just something you say. Even if people try to be themselves, they still are like everyone else. The society forces you to be the same but we should show it the finger. There’s too much generalising. You should not assume anything. Things are not the way they seem. For example, if someone is dressed in torn clothes, it doesn’t mean it’s a homeless person. Maybe it’s the look they were going for. Maybe it’s a bad example but that’s the only thing I came up with at this point. When people meet me, they assume I’m always quiet. As a child, my class mates thought I was quiet at home too. At home, I could be relaxed and be myself.

Around people, you have to be more discreet. There are things people can’t understand. I don’t show emotion in public because it’s a personal thing. I would be too embarrassed. I wouldn’t even hold hands in public because I dislike attention. I even feel disgusted when couples kiss in public. Especially when you’re in the grocery store and you’re there to buy food. Two people drooling over each other is off putting. It’s not that I’m against people who show emotions but I rather ignore it. If people want to show affections to each other, they should do it at home.





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