It’s somewhere out there

risky tic tac toe
Post title from ‘Last night in the city’ by Duran Duran

I’ve mentioned this in other posts in this blog but I’m not a risk taker. I think long and hard before I make a decision. This can be a disadvantage.  In this fast-moving world, you need quick thinking or someone else gets there first. I wish I was risky but it’s against my nature. I guess it’s an introvert thing but it also depends on the person. I’m not afraid of failure but I also don’t want to take the root things might not turn the way I planned it. That’s why I don’t plan for the future. I wish I wasn’t worried about taking risks. I keep thinking about what could go wrong instead of the other way around. I have taken small risks but the results haven’t been what I expected. With small I mean applying to different educations. I have got in but it hasn’t got me very far. What I lost most is money but that was the risk I was willing to take. I did learn something from all that studying so it wasn’t totally useless.

Risky is somewhere out there but it hasn’t found me. At least I haven’t taken stupid risks. It’s better to be safe than sorry. My hobbies have always been careful. The most ‘dangerous’ thing I have done is fall off my bike. You won’t see me going skydiving or bungee jumping. I’ve only been once on a rollercoaster and that was enough. I’m just not made for crazy things like that. Lucky for that. Someone in this world should be careful. We all can’t be like headless chickens who don’t know what they’re doing. I try to take some risks but in small doses and that’s enough for me.





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