Cavity of employment

cavity in a treeThe endless talk about unemployment. It’s the same everywhere. There are jobs but not the right ones. It’s the cavity of employment. It’s like a cavity in a tooth. When a hole is small, it’s easier to fix. But if you let it be, small things become bigger. When people say you can find a job if you really want to, they probably can do any work they can. But if you have restrictions, like allergies, there are jobs you can’t do. In some occupations, there are limited jobs and they don’t appear like a package on a conveyor belt. You can’t risk your own health in a workplace that isn’t good for you. They say you should study to an occupation where there are jobs. Yeah, like a nurse rolls eyes Sorry but not everyone is suitable for that job.

I don’t how many degrees you need to have to get a job. If you apply to study, nothing is certain if you even get in. All these job search courses are useless. It employs other people who have the courses but not the unemployed who take part in them. The Internet is full of information about job search so you don’t need to get it from a course. The problem in a job search is that no matter what you do, no one still don’t find interest in you because there’s always someone better. More social or a lot more job experience.  You need a lot of luck in job search and the bigger your social circle is, the better. But what if you have none of that, what then?

Not everyone has relatives or friends who could help you get a job. You can’t really go to LinkedIn and add random people to your list. It’s not Twitter. How can you make contact with anybody if you never been lucky enough to meet people? You might meet people and talk to them but that’s about it. Especially if you’re socially awkward or are not good with people. It seems the only way to get a job is with connections. It’s easier to put the blame on the unemployed. Some people think it’s their own fault they don’t have a job. The person who looks for a job can’t choose who gets it. All they can is to do is trying their best. There will always be people without jobs but the attitudes must change. Everyone who can work should have the same opportunities to get a job. It shouldn’t matter if they’re young, experienced or with a disability. Most people want a job but they can’t get one because they don’t suit the companies image. Or some other excuse. Unemployed only want someone to believe in them. If only employers would think less about money and more about hiring people without a job. Maybe that’s too much to ask.

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