Embrace yourself

two different sneakers

I’ve always been different. I never wanted to be the same way as everyone else. I was a tomboy who wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and I’m still the same. Everyone should embrace what they are. Unfortunately, there are people in society who doesn’t appreciate differences. In some countries, you can’t walk around in peace without someone stalking you or becoming violent towards you. Especially if your sexuality is not heterosexual. It’s a shame because we’re all human with wants and needs. No one should be penalised for being different. You should embrace yourself for that no matter what others might think.

My parents never questioned me about never going out like other people. Other teenagers had parties and had a lot of friends. If they would have I would I told them, would they rather see me meet the wrong crowd and get into drugs. I don’t think so. They should have been glad I wasn’t like everyone else. Luckily, I was lucky with parents. They never tried to change me. They wouldn’t have succeeded anyway because I was always strong-willed. I embrace myself for being me. Seeing how other people behave I’m glad I’m not like them.
For example, today I saw this young guy being so drunk, he couldn’t even stand. His friends had to carry him. I would be so embarrassed to have a friend like that who can’t control his drinking. I never understood how someone can drink alcohol so much they can’t even walk straight.

I’m also not like other women. That sounds in my head like the video ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. The character he plays tells his girl he’s not like the other guys and then he turns into a werewolf. It’s not like that. Except if you upset me, I don’t know what I’ll do to you 😉 Seriously though. I prefer wearing jeans and sneakers to skirts and high heels. Some women stress about not finding Mr Right but I don’t. I don’t care about drama and I rather be alone than trying to please another person. I don’t need a man to be happy. Besides, I don’t like just anybody. I have standards. Anyway, all this women should do this and do that, is so demeaning. Like the reason for women to be here is to please the opposite sex. For some having a family is the main goal in life but not for everyone. The meaning of life to me is doing stuff you like without having to depend on someone else. Maybe I would have a different look on life if I had men in a queue behind me. But since I don’t, my priorities lay elsewhere. This quote says it all.

choose to be alone quote
I’m also a sports fan. I don’t watch it because of the way some athletes look. I don’t care about the glamour side of sport. Some women think sport is boring but I think it’s exciting. Especially when Finland plays. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing people giving it all. Sport brings people together. When I meet other women, I can never talk about sport to them. I can do girl talk but most of it doesn’t interest me. I just can’t relate to any of what women talk about. That’s why I feel more comfortable being around men. Sometimes it feels safer to be around other women though. The myth about women not liking their men watching sport doesn’t apply to me. If you don’t like sport then don’t watch it. Do something else that interests you. No matter what marital status the man is, they should be allowed to watch sport without having to hear nagging from a women.

Embrace yourself for who you are. Be happy to be alive. Things could be worse. We usually think of negative things about ourselves and forget all the good things. I wouldn’t want to be a person who can’t think for themselves. Common sense is a lost art. If you do stupid things, there are consequences. If you’re not careful, your life will be short and that’s not the meaning of life. I rather do things carefully than taking a big risk and lose it all. I’m planning to be on this planet for a very long time. I want to be different and not trying to be something I’m not. Other people just need to deal with it.