Trace my number but I won’t answer

person holding a mobile
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The worst thing for an introvert is answering the phone. This week I had at least 3 unknown numbers. You can trace my number but I won’t answer. If it’s something important, call again. Otherwise, I think it’s a telemarketer because that’s what it usually is. I don’t answer unknown numbers and that is final. There is no point telling me I get used to answering the phone because I won’t. I refuse to do so. I prefer email or some other way. Then I know what it is about. I also don’t like calling strangers. It gives me anxiety and I hate that feeling. Email applies in this situation too. Email (or social media) first and then maybe call. Even then if it’s really necessary.

People don’t seem to understand how an introvert works. It’s so easy to tell someone else how to be. Answering unknown numbers are a waste of our time. I do anything so I don’t have to answer or call someone unless it’s someone I know or expecting a call from. It’s like talking to a person face to face and when you say something, you later regret it or you forget to say what you thought. Writing is easier because there you have time to think. That’s why this new technology is great for an introvert. You can get in touch with people on social media. In the past, you had to call people if you wanted something done. These days you can just do things online.

When I went to the entrepreneurship course, they said finding clients to your business, you need to do cold calling. You know, calling possible clients. No way, think again, I thought. I won’t do that no matter what. There are other ways. Not only calling possible clients but also calling employers to ask if they have any jobs, is a pain. Luckily a lot of business owners prefer you get in touch with them via email. Who actually have time to answer a phone? They wouldn’t get anything done. Unless they have a secretary. Calling on the phone is so overrated. This is the 2000’s and there are a lot of other opportunities to get in touch with people. It’s different if it’s a friend or a family member but when it comes to total strangers, a phone shouldn’t be the only option. Even a text message is better than a phone call. So just trace my number but I won’t answer.