The pulse is rising

Made in Canva

A lot of things makes my pulse rise. People who have no commons sense. People who litter, adults cycling on the pavement, people who blast their car stereos, smokers, drunk people, dog people who leave their dog’s droppings on the ground, people who brag about their life on social media, slow wifi, loud people, selfies, rich people who thinks they’re better than ordinary people. So basically everything that is wrong with this world. Hot weather is also something that makes my pulse rise but that’s something you can’t control. Some things you just have to live with. Not all is negative though. Positive things make my pulse rise. Watching my favourite movies over and over again. Listening to my favourite bands and artists. When I’m excited about something my pulse rise.

The only time that I don’t like my pulse rising is talking to strangers or going for a blood test (I hate needles). I don’t like being nervous. I try to avoid things like that. When I do meet new people I try to be positive and not stressing about it. I used to be so nervous when I went to new places. Even going to the jobcentre made me anxious. I wouldn’t want to go back in time. I’ve learned through life experiences to have another approach on things. Introverts are usually worried about what-ifs instead of thinking, so what if things go wrong. I try not to stress about it. Everyone feels insecure sometimes. It’s not the end of the world if things go wrong. Unless it’s a life-threatening situation. If you fail at something, do it again. The reason we’re afraid of failure is that we’re too worried what others might think. That’s a pulse lifting situation. Once I stopped caring about what others might think of me, the easier it has been being in new situations. The main thing is that you know who you are.

The pulse is also rising when you really like someone. Even thinking about that person makes your pulse rise. That’s a pulse that is quite pleasant. That’s better than the pulse you have when you feel anxious or something really makes you angry. If your pulse is rising for no special reason then it must be a health issue. Too much is always too much. If humans wouldn’t have a pulse, we would be robots. Without a pulse, there would be no life and that’s a comforting thought.