Don’t stand so close to me

people sitting in public transport
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I hate crowded places and there’s usually on events and such. But I also hate it when people stand too close in a queue in the store. I try to avoid serried places as much as I can. Then there are these slow walking people. They don’t have to be old people. Any age can walk slowly. It’s not that I’m in a hurry but it frustrates me to walk behind such person. I feel like Mr Bean in this sketch. Public transport is the worst though.

If it’s a train and the place is crowded, there’s nowhere to sit. People stand really close to you. It feels like you can’t breathe and you want to get out. I went once on to a train which was full of people. Then I realised I was on the wrong train. Luckily the right one was right behind. It was such a relief to get out of there. The real train had fewer people in it. It was in the morning and that train was never full. When you’re in narrow places, it feels like you’re being suffocated. On a bus, it’s the same.

Last year when I studied in another town, I had to take the bus on a Sunday. People kept coming in and no one left. You sit there with all your things and then someone wants to sit beside you. Just when you’re settled down, you have to move them. If you sit by the window it feels like the other person is pushing you into the window. On long trips, this is not a very nice way to travel. They say you should use public transport more often but they probably haven’t travelled in that when it’s crowded. A few times during my trip to the other city, I thought I wish I had a driver’s licence so I could drive to my destination instead. But then on public transport, you can sleep or do other stuff. They’re not always crowded. It really depends on when you travel. In August I’m going by bus to Helsinki to study graphic design so I have to experience serried places again. Luckily it’s just couple times a month.

If you go on events they’re usually in a bigger place. Last year when I went to see Robbie Williams in concert, there was a lot of people but yet there were places you could go to. People weren’t coming at you like they do in public transport. I get anxiety if someone gets too close. Even if someone looks over my shoulder when I’m on my computer, it feels awkward. I lose concentration and stop what I’m doing. It’s different if it’s a teacher who wants to help me but other times it’s not comfortable.