The blaming game is so vintage

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What I hate the most is people who think they know what they’re talking about. The blaming game is so vintage. Just because their life has turned into a fairytale, it doesn’t mean everyone else had got as lucky. You don’t anything about a person if you haven’t walked in their shoes. Then these people giving advice about how they have found that perfect partner or that great job. Sorry to disappoint you but just because it has happened to you, it doesn’t mean it will work for everyone.

The people who get the most blamed for their being are poor and the unemployed. It’s like it’s their fault they live on the street. Or it’s the unemployed fault no one wants to hire them. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It’s so easy for those who have a job and lots of money to complain about the less fortunate. I would like them so struggle through life as the poor or unemployed do. The world doesn’t work that everyone who tries will get success. People who blame others for the societies problems are part of it themselves. At least here in Finland, the politicians think it’s the unemployed own fault they haven’t got a job. That’s why they make up this active model where they punish the unemployed if they don’t apply for jobs. The unemployed do that anyway but still, they can’t get hired. The attitude problems lay elsewhere.

I find it quite amusing when these unemployed are without work for a few months and then get hired again. Then they say other unemployed are lazy. Well, good for you who got a job that easily but everyone isn’t as lucky. If you have been unemployed for 10 years or more and then get a job, then come back and brag about it. Then I will be so happy for you. Before that, I’m just gonna laugh at you. Being without a job for a few months or even 2 year is nothing. Blaming others for being lazy is a bad explanation. You shouldn’t generalise. There can be some lazy unemployed who does nothing to get a job. They don’t educate themselves or anything. They want the easy way out by collecting unemployment benefits. It’s only a small part but not all unemployed have the same attitude. I admit I’m quite lazy too but I haven’t just sat around and done nothing. I don’t want to be jobless the rest of my life. But all that studying hasn’t paid off but at least I’ve learned something new. I’m not gonna sit down this time either. I have that graphic design course in 44 days. Luckily no one has said to me personally that I’m lazy or anything like that. Even if someone did, I would just say, talk to the hand.

The blaming game is so vintage. How about blaming those who assume things? People need to get their facts right before judging. Things are not always the way they seem. Remember that.