After summer comes fall

coloured leaves
Photo by me

After a hot summer in Finland, it finally Fall. Or Autumn. Whatever you prefer. Most people complain about how dark it gets. Of course, it does. We live in Finland. Grey and cold that’s what fall is here. If you don’t like living here, then move to a country where there isn’t like this. If you can’t then you should live with the weather we have. There are things in fall that is good but negativity is so easy to feel. The trees get colour. The leaves fall to the ground and make a crunchy sound when you walk on them. I like walking through fallen leaves because of the sound it makes. Then it isn’t too light outside. Wrapping yourself in a blanket and read a book or watch your favourite movie. Light up some candles and listen to the radio. Or maybe listen to your favourite music. Even if rains outside, you can still go out. That’s why umbrellas are made for. Wrap up warm and take a walk in the rain. Really refreshing. When you get back inside, make something hot to drink. There is always something positive you can find in the fall if you only use your imagination.

What I like most about Autumn is the cosiness you feel. I like putting layers of clothes and go outside. If you have enough warm clothes on you don’t feel cold. Some people can suffer from the darkness but for me, it’s the opposite. I actually don’t mind it. Maybe I have natural light in my mind or something. It really depends on how you see things. If you see things gloomy then that’s all you see. I like when it gets colder because then you don’t need to have the window open for too long. Especially if your neighbours are smokers and you don’t have to suffer from the smell. Fall is also great when ice hockey season begins. Winter is also close which is another season I adore. That’s another story entirely.

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