Writing101: An even that was cancelled for real

I was really looking forward for this event. I’ve never been to a real concert so I decided to go. This was a band that had been a teen favorite in the 80’s. They had a lot of great hit songs. Like a lot bands out there, they had their share of problems. Band members left and were replaced with others. From 5 members to 4 and then to 3. They had released albums in 3 decades. One was more popular than others. Despite all the problems, the band didn’t stop of being. In 2000’s they were 4 members again and a new album was out. I liked them for years but became even a bigger fan in this century. When they announced they would come on tour to my country, I was so excited.

I bought a ticket and started to plan in my head how to get there, what to wear and so on. But then something happened. It was like an evil force had decided it wasn’t the time. The doctor to the band’s singer had forbidden for him to sing. He had to rest his voice or he could lose it altogether. The whole tour was in jeopardy. So all I could do was wait.

Then the day came, the concert date was postponed. The ticket master said “hold on to your ticket” and so I did. I should had seen it coming. I could have asked my money back. It was 52 euros after all. It’s easy to say it now. The whole tour was cancelled altogether.

What if that evil force would take that dream away for good. To see Duran Duran live in concert. Since I saw the video to “The Reflex” I wanted to see them. Maybe their next tour won’t reach my country. Too expensive to go abroad. Maybe my courage will fail me and I won’t dare to take that step. A step that seems difficult to me, be in big crowds. The day I decided to buy the ticket. It was a day I had decided I would get to that concert no matter what. I had never been that determined in my life. Maybe that chance will never come again. That evil force might cancel every concert and event on this planet forever. No more fun ever a again. That wouldn’t be very nice, would it?

(Writing 101, day 15)

Page number 29

I don’t own that many books so this assignment wasn’t very interesting. I didn’t pick up the first book either. I looked in a few books I own. (most of them are about movies) I picked up The Hobbit, the Finnish version. The word was ‘ja’ which means ‘And’

Dear And!
And here you are again.
And what are you actually doing here?
And-ing sentences maybe.
And what else do you do besides And-ing.
And it does sound like ending when it’s not.
And in Finnish it’s ‘ja’ and in Swedish ‘och’ Oops there you were again.
And did you know that when you write ‘And’ in Google image search you’ll find this

En And= A duck

And don’t be so confused.
And also means something else but it’s pronounced differently.
And I did try to search the pronunciation online.
And just kept coming up.
And now that’s a wrap.
And one more thing.

And And And And…

from me


Writing101:God, the serial killer that never gets caught (part 2)

This is the 2nd part of this story. I would say enjoy but it’s not really to enjoy. It’s a sad subject after all.

My father’s mother had diabetes which made her blind and lose her leg. I only saw her in a wheelchair because those things happened before I was born. Her life hadn’t been easy. E.g. she had to send her son to Denmark because of the winter war in Finland. She never saw him again. I remember my grandmother being very kind and she used to babysit my sister. She was very lovable. When we visited her in the retirement home, she sometimes gave me pocket-money. She spent the Christmas Eve with us. She got along with my other grandmother very well.
On Christmas in 1989 she was taken to the hospital. She had high fever and high blood pressure. That Christmas she didn’t spend it with us. She knew her time had come. To make the story short. On New Years Eve, 1989 they called from the hospital and told us she had passed away. She was 81. The new year started without her.

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