Writing101:God, the serial killer that never gets caught (part 2)

This is the 2nd part of this story. I would say enjoy but it’s not really to enjoy. It’s a sad subject after all.

My father’s mother had diabetes which made her blind and lose her leg. I only saw her in a wheelchair because those things happened before I was born. Her life hadn’t been easy. E.g. she had to send her son to Denmark because of the winter war in Finland. She never saw him again. I remember my grandmother being very kind and she used to babysit my sister. She was very lovable. When we visited her in the retirement home, she sometimes gave me pocket-money. She spent the Christmas Eve with us. She got along with my other grandmother very well.
On Christmas in 1989 she was taken to the hospital. She had high fever and high blood pressure. That Christmas she didn’t spend it with us. She knew her time had come. To make the story short. On New Years Eve, 1989 they called from the hospital and told us she had passed away. She was 81. The new year started without her.

My mother’s mother spoke Swedish. I always thought she was born in Sweden but she was actually born here. She spent her youth in Sweden and then moved back. Her life hadn’t been easy either. She lost her husband in 1957 to cancer and also had lost 2 children before my mother was born.
She lived close by she visited us everyday. She had an own key so she could come by if we weren’t at home. When we were away on holiday she could water our plants. She didn’t have to subscribe the newspaper at home or buy a television. She kept me company after school. Especially when I was younger. I remember I spent the night on her couch once. She made me pancakes or fried herring. She also knitted wool socks that we wore in our wellies. Not forgetting those nice Christmases.

Then in 1993 things changed. I remember like it was yesterday. I was home alone and she came to visit. She was on her way to the post office. She just came by to rest. At the time I didn’t see anything was wrong. It was until my mother called me (she was at work) and said grandmother had a stroke at the post office. They had taken her to the hospital. I was kind of shocked, she had just been at our place. I remember she had looked quite pale. I thought about it a lot after that. Things like, What if I could have done something to prevent this from happening. But in the end I couldn’t have. When a stroke hits you, it might be too late.
She lost her ability to speak and she couldn’t walk anymore. For 10 years my mother took care of her. Visited her at the home she lived in. I think she was moved at least 3 times from different places. There weren’t enough of staff so they couldn’t even take her out to get some fresh air. The gave her physical therapy but that stopped too because of financial problems. If my mother weren’t there, my grandmother would have just laid in bed all day. There are a lot of faults in the Finnish health care.
Then in 2003 it was all over. They called from the hospital that she had left this world. In a way it was a relief but it was also sad. I cried a few tears. Our family just got smaller.

You would thing that the sadness would stop for a while. But no, God continues…

(Writing101: Day 13)

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