It is over (might be spoilers)


  • How long it takes to kill Azog and Bolg
  • How diamonds and gold won’t be a substitute for love
  • Good friends are hard to find
  • If a friend betrays you, it might only be because they want to save you from something
  • If tasks seems easy, it’s usually a trap
  • Alfrid is a coward just like his Master
  • Killing Smaug was both sad and satisfying
  • What true love is
  • Seeing Galadriel, Saruman and Elrond on screen brings a smile on your face
  • Thranduil is the sexiest character in Middle-Earth 😉 and there’s a lot of him

I did get a little teary eyed in certain scenes. All in all, it was a great movie. There were some scenes I expected to be there but wasn’t but still it was worth it. It’s gonna be even better the 2nd time around. I will go again I’m sure. Seeing characters die again and again is not much fun though. But seeing Thranduil is.

So now when both Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movies are over, what now? What to look forward now? Those are the questions. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.

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