Feeling The Hobbit Blues

Here I am taking part in Daily Prompt for a change. Where is the weekly writing challenge? I feel quite blue. But not because of the challenge. Can I stop you for a second? Why haven’t I got any likes in a while? Maybe you’re just not interested in The Hobbit movies. Well, too bad. I just love them and now I have The Hobbit blues. It was the last movie and already want to see it again. Maybe I see the movie in a different light this time. That’s what I like about this movie or movies in general. You always find something new. To tell you the thruth, I just want to see Thranduil. Gosh, shame on me. It’s just a character for Pete’s sake. OK, not obsessed but still. Maybe it’s because it’s Lee Pace for God’s sake. He’s awesome in so many ways. I won’t go into detail.

So I got 10 minutes but I think it could become longer. My brain is still at the movies. I just don’t want to go back. But I have school tomorrow. Excited but I got The Hobbit blues. I will manage to get back to real life. Tomorrow it’s probably raining. Like it did today. When is 10 minutes up. I’m getting sore in my fingers. I have no idea what to write any longer. Oh sigh. I’m writing nonsense now. Let’s see how many errors I get. I won’t fix it. No matter how much I want. I’m gonna post this straight away.

Please do give some comments. Just say Hi. I just want someone to say something. Bye.


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