NaBloPoMo15: In memory of those who lost their lives in Paris

Kirjastosilta in Turku, Finland (trans. Library bridge) in French flag colors

Everybody knows what happened in Paris, France on Friday 13, so no need to repeat it. If affected us all and things like these shouldn’t happen. But there are those who do anything to destroy other people’s lives. Even though I’ve never been to France and I don’t know anyone from there personally, I feel for all the people living there.

There’s just isn’t enough love out there in the world. We should not let hate control the world. Hate is the reason those terrorist exist. They probably have never loved or been loved in the first place. We should teach the kids that love is stronger than hate. Fear shouldn’t control our lives. In time like these, we should respect each other and show that we care. If we pull together, we can beat the hate. Life is too short disrespect other people.

Everywhere in the world buildings and monuments have been lighten up with colors of the flag of France. Finland was no exception. This evening I went to photograph one of the bridges. It was a nice gesture from the city. We should not forget what happened in France. But we shouldn’t forget either that it can happen again somewhere else. Let’s not let that get us down. We will not give into terrorism. Peace in the world is the thing we need.



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