NaBloPoMo15: I’m better than you

Got my The Hobbit: Battle of the five armies Extended version.
Got my The Hobbit: Battle of the five armies Extended version today 🙂

One week left of NaBloPoMo. In the prompt the question is, what do you do better than anybody else. I really had to think about that one. I’m modest and I rather not compare myself to others. I don’t really know what I can do better than anybody else. I’m not that special.
Then when I got this DVD today (in the photo) I figured out what to write about. The DVD has got extras where they show and talk about how they made the movie. That’s what I love about these extended versions. They’re really interesting. I look at movies in a totally different way. That’s what I’m better at, understanding movie making. It also helps that I’ve studied script writing and how to make movies.

When an ordinary viewer watch movies, they just see what’s on screen. They don’t see the camera angles or the plots they way I do. Why the characters do what they do or why the shots are what they are. I studied script writing when Lord of the rings: The Two Towers was in the theaters in 2002. I kept thinking about all the camera angles and the storyline. What was taught in school about movie making, was stuck in my head. It made me understand the whole concept of movies. That’s something most people lack. They just watch a movie as entertainment. You can’t understand dramaturgy if you haven’t studied it.

You read comments online where people complain that a movie is too long. Or why don’t they show when the characters go to the toilet. Or if the movie is based on a book, some wonder why a certain thing is not in the movie. Just to name a few examples. Making movies is not easy. You just can’t put everything in a movie. Some scenes are impossible to shoot or expensive to do. It’s also the way the director sees it. I found it funny people complaining “it’s not in the book” crap. Especially in Peter Jackson’s trilogies. It’s his views on it. Some people are never happy. If those complainers think they can make a better one, just do it. But I doubt they can.

There must be a continuity in the plots. If a movie concentrates on little details, if would be a really boring one. It’s so easy to judge movie makers if you have no idea what’s it’s all about. I can tell you from experience that even making one scene takes time and effort. You can’t just shoot once and then you’re done. It’s not a home video. You need to plan in advance. It’s also group work. Sometimes you have to take a lots of shots before it’s complete. Plus the editing and not to mention having a script. Even though I’ve only done a short film or one scene, I can understand how much work it is. Imagine making a whole movie. Now that’s what I call impressive.






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