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I’m not a book reader even though I’m an introvert. I wouldn’t want to write one either. But what I love writing about is fiction in an alternative universe. In other words RPF (real person fiction) I wrote a post about that before but this is for those who just joined in (sounds like a radio program there 😀 ) I’ve written a few about characters from movies. Well Lord of the rings and The Hobbit. I also have a blog about those so you can try to find them if you like. I prefer writing about real people. Actually it’s not about them, it’s just the names that are real and how they look like.

When I come up with a story, I think about it in my head. I usually write as I go along. Real author’s probably write their ideas down and changes their stories several times. I mainly write for pure entertainment. People seem to like to read them so it’s also for them. But it’s usually for my own pleasure. When I get an idea, I really write them and not just think about it. If I’m really pleased about it, I post it online. I have stories I haven’t even finished but I use some of the ideas I had there. Since I write as I go along, I can rearrange the story lines. For example at the moment I’m writing a story where I suddenly got an idea that I didn’t even consider when I started. The story is going to a total different direction. It can change rapidly. When inspiration struck, I can’t stop writing. Sometimes I even stay up all night because the ideas keep flooding in. I always read them through several times because there is always some spelling errors or I want to write them in a different way. When I’m satisfied, I post them online. I don’t get the reaction from readers the way I want to and sometimes it bugs me but I still post them despite that. I assume some don’t have that analysing look on things and I’m OK with that. Maybe they don’t understand what I’m trying to say. It can be anything but I don’t dwell on the matter for very long.

So where do I get inspiration from? Sorry I can’t tell you because then I have to kill you. Joking a side. I get ideas from everyday life, movies, music, actors but mostly about men I like at the time. I written about athletes but mostly actors since I have a thing for them. My first ever fan fiction was about an actor but I only wrote it for myself. I’ve read it later and I must say, I really have improved since then. That’s one of the reasons why I write in English. It sounds so much better and I learn the language at the same time. It also stimulates my brain cells and improves my imagination. I like making up plots and creating storylines. I’m not really good at describing in detail and I rather concentrate on the characters feelings. Maybe it’s not the best way to let a reader imagine how the atmosphere is like or what the characters are wearing but that’s why I’m not a book author. I write what I want to read because there’s so many different tastes. Some like reading details and someone prefer the story line. I can’t really know unless someone tells me. I want to know what the characters are doing and saying, not what they wear or the what the interior looks like. It might work in books but in fan fiction it should be faster. That’s the way I write and I like it. Great if someone thinks the same.

I also read other people’s fan fiction but most of them are about things I don’t really care about. I began to write my own because I didn’t find things I wanted to read. But reading others makes you find English words you don’t know what they mean. Sometimes it’s difficult to describe something in English. Sounds are difficult to put into words. I don’t even know them in my own language. I use Google a lot because of this. I’m really interested in human behaviour. Why do certain people act the way they do? Is there something in their childhood that made them they way they are? Why are these people so damaged, they act like they own the place? Questions like that are very helpful in writing and why not in real life. There are great fan fiction writers out there. I wish my English would improve so much I could use those words for my own advantages. Writing in any way is a great hobby so no need to rearrange things there.

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