Advent Calendar, Day 9

christmas food on the table
Christmas dinner at home
Missing you

Christmas has never been the same since you’ve been gone

You made the holidays

We made Christmas food together

We baked and we spent precious time

You taught me things no one else could

When I had troubles I could talk to you and ask  for advice

Now when you’re gone I’m missing you

Christmas is the hardest, especially the first

I still feel sad when I think about it

Things were never the same again

When we didn’t spent Christmas at home

We did it somewhere else

We had our ups and downs but there will never be someone like you

Now it’s Christmas time again and I’m missing you

I wish you could celebrate it here like we used to

But you’re somewhere where I can’t follow

With tears in my eyes I try to think you’re in a better place

It doesn’t change the fact that I’m still missing you






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