Making your own luck doesn’t exist

stick boyWhoever says you can make your own luck, haven’t walked in an unlucky person’s shoes. If you can make it yourself, then they really are lucky. Everyone is not born with luck. You can’t choose where to be born or who your parents are. You can achieve a goal but you need some luck in that too. You can’t make your own luck because there’s so many ways to lose it all in one go. You can do everything right and yet something can happen. No one can be lucky all the time. Things misfires when you least expect it. You can go somewhere and you still don’t meet someone who can change your future. You can get lucky but you can’t make it by yourself. Those who think they can, are lying to themselves. What happens to you, depends on other people. Innocent people in war zones can’t make their luck. It’s the society that bring luck or bad luck to people.

Luck only seem to happen to other people. Just because someone has been lucky enough to make their luck, it doesn’t mean it will happen to you. There’s a lot of different advice online how you can do that. But I think they’re all nonsense. For example, working hard for your goal or make something crazy. It’s all pure chance, not luck. You won’t become rich by making your luck. You can’t make yourself be in the right place at the right time. Getting a job in your ideal company or study to become something you dreamed on. It’s luck that gets you to a place and not how you make it yourself. I’ve been lucky I have got the educations I’ve applied to but I didn’t make my own luck. All I did was writing the right words in an application. The rest was pure luck. If that only would happen when it comes to applying for jobs.

I’ve been unlucky in finding clients for on the job learning period which begins on Monday. I had 4 but now I only have one because the rest didn’t get in touch after a few emails. That’s not enough. I want to graduate and if I won’t get more, I won’t. I guess the word free doesn’t mean much for some. When the school is over, my luck could be returned to sender. In other words, getting real clients who pay. Now it’s gaining experience and it’s part of the education. I’m worried no matter how much I work, it won’t be enough. You need luck to be in competition like web design and I don’t have enough of ambition in me. I give up easily. Having luck in education and having luck getting a job, is a different matter. You don’t make your own luck, it’s the people you meet or don’t. With my luck, nothing special will happen. I’ll never “bump” into someone who’ll change my life around. It’s more likely to get hit by a car than having my dreams come true. It’s a harsh comment but I don’t have the skill to make my own luck.



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