Brassy birthdays isn’t me

happy birthday cakeYou’ll never get brassy from me. My birthdays are just normal days. I don’t want any special celebrations. Today I was eating out with dad and that’s as far as birthdays go. I like doing calm things and the older I get, the less fuss I want. I hate loud parties and I prefer being left out of any social gatherings. Luckily I don’t have any friends who can bother me with those. Presents don’t make birthdays either. At least not material things.

As it happens the French Open in tennis going on and my favourite player (Novak Djokovic) had his match today. The best present is seeing him win after a long match. No things will ever compare the happiness it brings. People who don’t watch sport, are missing a lot. Nothing is better than see athletes fighting for a win. Especially if the match or game has been intense. You need to experience it yourself before you can fully understand the feeling sport gives you.

My birthday is over soon and it’s time to get on with life. Birthdays are all the same. They last that one day and then it’s past it. After that it’s back to normal. As normal as life can get because recent happenings in the world isn’t that normal anymore. Everyone has a birthday every day somewhere in the world. That’s nothing to brag about. Birthdays are just one step closer to death. Some live longer than others and for some birthdays are a big deal. People can have a brassy birthday but that’s not me. I like being calm all year around. I find fun in other things. People can celebrate their birthdays the way they want. Have a big party with all you 100 friends or celebrate it with your family. Whatever you do, have a very happy birthday, if you already had it or will in the near future. I’m already one year older than yesterday but doesn’t mean I should feel old. It’s the inside that really counts.








2 thoughts on “Brassy birthdays isn’t me

  1. Happy Birthday. Like you, I don’t like a big fuss about my birthday. I’m an introvert and a low-key person, and prefer not to be put into the spotlight. So each year, my birthday is generally another day. Tennis is a sport I like to watch, and the Grand Slams are always so captivating to watch – sport is not just a physical game, but also a mental and emotional game too.

    ‘I like being calm all year around. I find fun in other things’ Me too 🙂


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