Put the volume down


It seems people have become hard of hearing. But it’s no wonder since they listen to loud music. There’s this thing called a volume button. It’s the one where you can put the volume down. Especially young people doesn’t understand how to use it. These microcars are really popular and it’s usually young men who keep blasting their stereos in them. It’s not even real music. It’s continuous noise. They can destroy their hearing as much as they like but why do others have to suffer the same. I can’t understand why someone wants to have tinnitus voluntarily. It’s only when they get older, they realise they can’t hear very well. But then it’s too late to do anything about it.

What’s even worse are home parties. If cars are blasting, it’s only when they drive by. But when it’s in the same building as you, it’s continuous. Especially if it’s at night and you’re trying to sleep. If it’s not the music, it’s the noise they party goers make. If they put the volume down on their stereos, they wouldn’t have to shout. But no they have to be noisy. If you live in a department building, you should consider your neighbours. It seems people have no respect for house rules anymore. You can’t really go and tell them to keep the volume down because you never know what kind of violent people lives there. Drunk people should never be trusted.

Then there are these shouting morons in the street in the middle of the night. I got to experience one of those last night when I walked home from my father’s place. The strange thing was that these punks were only kids. It was almost 4 am and they were still out with their bikes. What kind of parents let their kids stay that late is beyond me. I’ve never seen these kids before and they kept cycling after me. I was just walking like anybody and they kept shouting something. Then out of the blue one of these spoilt brats started to yell at me. I thought, WTF what have I ever done to them. They were typical bullies and they wanted to prove something. I was actually a bit scared they would do something. Kids in packs can do anything. That kid kept shouting insults at me. I didn’t hear what since I just wanted to go home and I tried not to pay attention. One of those words was a homo. How would he know what sexuality I am? I’m sure he didn’t even know the meaning of the word. I was absolutely appalled how some kids behave these days. I just happened to be there. They could have just cycled passed but they decided to disturb me instead. These little punks probably gonna end up in jail one day. Future criminals. I thought I would be followed home but luckily they went somewhere else. There’s always one leader and the other are his sheep. I have never been in a situation like that before. There’s always strange people walking around at night but I never thought underaged kids would still be outside at that hour. They should be home in bed at that time and it doesn’t matter it’s their summer holiday. Summer makes some people really soft in the head.

This world is full of noise and it’s getting worse. Have people forgotten to appreciate silence? Even kids can’t be quiet. They go out to the park or the beach and bring their stereos there. If it’s not that, its headphones. They can’t go anywhere without music. Listening to the birds and other nature sounds are much more relaxing. As much as I love music, I still don’t need to listen to it all day. People are just too attached to their mobiles and other gadgets. They’re slaves to technology and common sense is lost. Soon their hearing is getting worse. So how about putting the volume down or at least use headphones so others don’t have to listen to your bad taste is music. There’s no need to shout either so the volume of your voice doesn’t need to be so loud. The obvious seem to be the hardest thing to understand.




3 thoughts on “Put the volume down

  1. Agree 100% – our neighbors have “practiced” guitar at every ungodly hour of the day/night. Calling police for noise violations is hit or miss


    • My dad has one of these guitar players.Luckily the guy hasn’t done it in a while. He still don’t know how to play one. What’s even worse is his singing. Some people never know when to stop 😀

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