8 thoughts on “One Line Sunday- Popular blog

  1. I thought your few words were very interesting. I think the mor.e popular blogs actually ARE the ones that don’t have thousands upon thousands upon thousands of readers/followers/friends . I started blogging two years ago. From nothing. And in that short time, my “community” ( I despise the word “followers”–it’s so impersonal) has grown strictly from word of mouth. I don’t do ads. I’m a reject for “Like to know it”. The subscribers to the blog I write has grown to almost 2,000. I”m not what you would call a popular blogger, but I’m happy with the number of those who enjoy reading the blog.
    Over time, I’ve stopped reading blogs that have turned into one big ad. I want a story. I don’t care if that story is one sentence or an hour’s read. I want a story. And that’s what is daunting as a blogger. In order to amass a gazillion numbers, you have to have less content and more ads.
    But, it’s also engaging. I’ve also stopped following blogs where I’ve commented, and commented quite a lot, to no reply back. That the way to really lose someone.
    Anyway, you had a short little story and this comment is way too long!!!


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