Without a warning


Without a warning

They said be careful, they said don’t fall

But without a warning, I did it anyway

You got that something I can’t explain

Maybe it’s the look in your eyes or the way you talk

Without a warning, you changed my life

The problem is you don’t even know it

I try to look at someone else but there you are

Running through my head every day of the week

Without a warning, you moved into my mind

Now I can’t get it out and I’m in trouble

Telling you to stop would be wrong

It’s the way things are and I accept that

If only there would be someone else like you

But it wouldn’t be the same, there’s only one

Without a warning, you stole my heart

The reality keeps me sane and grounded

I get over you, I know it

Even without a warning, I would still have fallen

I know you're there. Why do you linger in the shadows?

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