5 assumptions about me and the facts


People always think they know you because you act a certain way or look a certain way. An assumption is a bad way to judge a person. You shouldn’t assume anything in this world. If you litter in nature, for example, you shouldn’t assume someone else will pick it up. You shouldn’t assume other people will do the work for you. Some people take things for granted and judge before even getting to know the real fact about a person or things.

I don’t know how many times in my life, people have assumed. They think they know me as soon as they see me. I’m never been good with first impressions which are one reason why I fail in a job interview and such. When I was a child assumption from other people have lowered my self- esteem. Teenage years was even worse. Now I don’t care what others think and I don’t get offended. I think it’s really other people problems. So what are they, you ask. Well, here is 5 of those things and the facts.

People thought I was a boy because I had short hair
I’ve always been a tomboy. I did play with dolls but also with toy cars. I also wore dresses and skirts when I was younger. I remember one time when I was in a movie theatre with my mother. I belonged to a movie club when I was about 9 or 10. I went to the bathroom and this lady told me. ‘Sorry this is the ladies room’ Then she looked at me one more time and said sorry. I remember it so well like it was yesterday. It wasn’t the last time someone mistook me for a boy. I really hated it and thought people were blind. Last time I had short hair was in 6th grade and I’ve had long hair ever since.

I’m anti-social because I don’t talk much
I was an intern in a local newspaper as a photographer for two weeks in 2012. The feedback was, I wasn’t social enough. I was there for 2 weeks and they thought I wasn’t social enough?! I did talk to my co-workers so how much talk did they expect from me? I’m not bitter though. I did get something out of the internship. Like my photographs got published. But this whole anti-social thing was silly. You can be social even if you don’t talk much. You should talk just because of talking. If you don’t have anything to say why to force it.

Because I don’t wear makeup I must be a man
This is a bit like the thinking I’m a boy but this was is in adulthood. This really is something that makes me feel bad about myself. So I don’t wear makeup. Maybe because I’m too lazy to put that on and then take it off again. Besides, my skin is sensitive and makeup just irritates my skin. I rather do something else than bother every morning with animal tested paint. If people think I look like a man because I don’t wear it, then so be it. I’m not blessed with pretty looks and makeup won’t help either. Why would I wear it anyway? To impress men? Sorry, but I’m not here to impress others with my appearance. It’s the inside that counts in the end. I rather am alone then pretending to look like someone else. If no guy likes me for who I am, then it’s their loss. If they rather date a woman with warpaint on their faces, it’s their business.

You still don’t have a career, you must be retarded
Maybe not with those words but it does feel like it. Before I had any degrees the employment agency tried to put me on different courses. There were career coaching and job search courses. I did a lot of different personality tests. In the end, it felt like they thought nothing is good enough for me. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now when I do have degrees, it’s the job search. They probably think I’m retarded and that I can’t take care of my own needs. This is just something I feel and not what they really think. They probably tired of me already that I can’t find a job. It’s not really my fault there aren’t enough of jobs.

You have a lively inner life so cut it out
Like that’s a bad thing. Before I knew I was an introvert, this felt like I shouldn’t be like this. So what if I have. It helps me a lot when I write fanfiction. I rather live in my head than in real life. In my head, things go right. Everyone there lives by the script. In real life, people have their own will and you can’t tell them what to do. In my head, I get the guy I want and it has a happy ever after ending. In real life, there are idiots but so there is in my head too. But they get what they deserve. I’m brave in my head and I don’t feel awkward when I talk to strangers. The life in my head is easier. It’s an escape from the real world and if I cut it out, you take a part of me too.

So there you have it. Never assumption anyone before you get to know the person. Put yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if someone assumed about you and your life? You wouldn’t want to be judged by assumptions. People think they know you but they don’t really. Not in 5 minutes, that’s for sure no matter who you are.