The Finnish flag 100 years today

flag of finland
Flag of Finland is 100 years old today (May 28)

Today the Finnish Flag is 100 years old. It’s a ceremony that only happens once. It didn’t always look like it does now. Here you can see the alternatives. I think it’s good they decided to have the blue cross on white background. There are certain rules when it comes to our flag. For example, you’re not allowed to write or draw anything on it. It’s disrespectful and you can get a fine for doing so. Even wrapping it around your body is a big no. A lot of athletes does this when they win a competition which some people don’t like at all. But I don’t know if it’s totally forbidden. On Midsummer Eve the flag is hoist to the flagpole and it’s there all night. That’s the only time. Other times it’s only hoisted until the sun goes down.

We’re very proud of our flag. It shows our patriotism and togetherness. Nothing beats the feeling when the flag is hoist when Finland wins in sport or other events. For us, it’s the most beautiful flag in the world. It represents what the country stands for. White is for snow in the winter. Not every winter though. At least not in the South. Blue is for the lakes and the sky. The cross is for Christianity, the most common religion. No matter where in the world Finns live, they’re proud of where they’re from. I couldn’t imagine where to have been born elsewhere. I haven’t always appreciated it. When I was a teenager, I wanted to live in the UK. But growing up here has been much easier. With the school system and all. Like wearing a school uniform like in the UK. So glad we don’t have anything like that here. There are so many things here that aren’t anywhere else. It does have its disadvantages but what country doesn’t.

This is the day for the flag of Finland. 100 years is a long time and I hope our flag will never change.