Upgrading to Personal Plan wasn’t a nightmare


I did it. I upgraded this blog to Personal Plan so now the URL to it is tomboyforlife.blog. But you can still use the old one. Upgrading wasn’t a nightmare at all. It was actually quite easy. Everything is in order and nothing has disappeared. Even the old comments are still there. Even if I have an own domain somewhere else, I still decided this blog needed it’s own. Since this is a personal blog, the personal plan was all I needed. And it’s also ad-free, which is nice.

I decided to celebrate it with a new prompt, Rag Tag Daily Prompt. Thank you Reflections of An Untidy Mind for suggesting it. It seems my blog lives on prompts. It’s almost like a nightmare when there’s isn’t many likes in posts. That’s not the reason I started with this prompt though. Since The Daily Post decided to quit, it felt a bit empty without a writing challenge. It’s nice to know people decided to continue where The Daily Post ended. It fills the void and it doesn’t feel so lonely. It’s still early days but I think when people find the RDP, it will bloom. Starting a new blog is always like a nightmare. Thankfully it will get easier once it has launched itself into the blogging world.

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